Monday, October 24, 2016

holy cow guys, so first off you're gonna see a picture of my shoe.. I got the sole replaced the other day and they gave me Frankenstein Soles, and on the bottom it says DESTROYER,, pretty crazy right? So anyways everyones been checking out the new Frank in 2016's.. 

  And now for the Noche Blanca... So luckily V, S (her daughter), J, and M were prepared for their baptism and interview at the start of the week,(and they were all baptized in the Noche Blanca), and we were able to help everyone else in the Zone with preparing and Interviewing their investigators.. Literally every day this week I was on an intercambio with one of the elders from the Zone,, we ran around like crazy
Anyways i'll start off now with the day of the Noche blanca.. We start the day off looking around and reminding everyone about the Noche Blanca and tried getting everyone there early.. Aound 2:30.. We were supposed to leave at 3, but theres a little thing in the DR called Tiempo Dominicano,, which is about  1 to 2 hours after the actual time something is supposed to take place.. Sadly the 3 School Busses were all running on tiempo dominicano and they picked us up at 4:30!! And our crazy school bus (and now I appreciate how my dad drives) rear ended into a tow truck!! (and there was more than 100 in the bus) Luckily we're in the DR and we just kept truckin along haha! So we finally got to the chapel of Boca Chica,, Things were a bit hectic, but when we got there, there were about 350 plus people.. It looked like a Stake Conference! So we originally planned to baptize with a little bit of light left,, around 5 or so, when the sun was setting, but due to the dominican time, we got out of the chapel and onto the beach at 7,, and it was dark! It was pretty crazy up until that point, but we all got out into the Ocean and formed a little U shape, so everyone on shore could see us, and when the baptisms begun, all the Hecticness(if thats a word) Just slowed down until it was all gone, and the Spirit filled its place.. That night 41 of our Brothers and Sisters were able to make covenants with our heavenly father, and everyone of them can testify that the Spirit was there.. I'll try setting the scene, We were all out there (about 60 of us including those baptizing), the water was super calm and you could see the lights from the dock were reflecting off of it.. When the baptisms began the 300 on shore (led by President Corbitt and President De La Cruz) began to sing hymns.. 3 Months ago, In a meeting with the Stake President, Elder Affleck brought the idea up, It started off as an Idea, but with tons of work and even more Miracles, we were able to see it happen! Elder Affleck didn't get to see it in person, but it was made possible because of him, and it was a night that none of the 350 plus will forget!
The Mission is awesome!
P.S. I found stole this guitar from our Ward Mission leader, but wont be able to play it now cause i'm heading back out to the Campo! Yup their shipping me back to Gonzalo to be ZL in Hainamosa Campo.. TABITHA DADDYS COMIN HOME!
Have a great week, Elder Beard

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