Monday, October 31, 2016

Well, i'm back in the campo! and just a bunch of normal/crazy stuff has been happening out here.. Fist off i entered into this giant hole that an investigator was making behind his house.. It was a pretty good sized hole,, about 11 feet deep, and he dug it by himself with a shovel, while i was in the hole i realized a giant pipe was directed into the whole.. I asked him what the whole was for, and to my suprise I found out I was in a 11 foot poop hole haha! good thing it wasnt in use yet!  As well this Thursday I smashed this huge trantula with Tabitha! AAAND I got soaked about every day this week in the rain haha! It rains a ton out here! I'm really loving it out here,, with all the adventure and humble people, its practically the perfect area, plus to top things off, in our little back yard, we've got trees of avacado, guaba, orange, and chinola! And theres a member (and shes the missionary mom out here) named hermana Heidi, she cooks for us every day, and we bring the fresh fruit from our trees over and she makes a juice on the spot! There is a juice that i love, its called Sour Orange,, where they basically just take green oranges and make juice out of them, sounds weird, but tastes great! 
 So this week we were able to see some pretty awesome things,, First off i'm sure you guys remember the baptism of E? It happened about the 2nd week i was here last transfer, anyways, this sunday he got the Aaronic Priesthood, and was able to baptize his cousin Tarzan.. Hehe, his names not actually tarzan, but thats what everyone calls him.. He climbs up trees and pics me coconuts! But anyways, we went out to the Rio 12 to prefrom the baptism, and it was the same day that E had recieved the Priesthood, and Tarzan said I want El! So E did it,, and did it good! On the way out of the baptism, we got caught up in the rain (youll see a pic with me, my comp, and the branch president soaked!) and we got soaked to the BONE, We hopped in the back of the truck to head back home (and there was no room inside) so we just stayed in the back and got pelted by golf ball sized rain drops the whole ride home haha! It was a little uncomfortable, but nonetheless an amazing experience! E has been super strong lately, and has becoming a great friend.. He's been leaving with us a lot lately, and its awesome cause hes got this little bike and he just cruises around along side us, popping wheelies and stuff haha! the campo life is awesome, I would love to train out here!
But thats about it for this week, My comp is elder Carias from guatamala, he's awesome! Elder Johnson and Elder Salazar are the DL's out here, and also awesome missionaries,
Love ya guys!
Elder Beard

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