Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Another great week out here in the Campo! Very busy too, we were out of our area a loooot this week, which was pretty hard cause we´ve got a lot of work to do out here! We´re the counselor out here, so we´ve got a lot of members to visit, and a Branch to get excited! We had the chance to leave with all of the worty Melquesdic Priesthood holders  (5 including us) and visit the different members, it was pretty good cause a few members have been losing excitement about the church, so we were able to encourage and cheer a few on this week, which helped out a lot, cause we ended up having 45 attend the sacrament meeting this week, while last week we had 15. The little things like that really make a difference in their lives, and the Lord really does bless us for our efforts! We have to continue working hard this week to help this branch out!

So we had the Baptism of MacGyver this week (d) and it was pretty intense.. So heres the back story, there has been some major opposition in getting macgyver baptized,, just random things. He was supposed to be baptized last week, but he left out of town the previous day and his motorbike broke down and he couldn´t make it back! This week during his baptism it started to rain like CRAZY and we had to go to a river cause theirs no font here in Gonzalo.. so we were like oh no.. we cant postpone it again! We talked to him and asked what he wanted to do, and he thought about it for a little and went into his house, got down on his knees and started praying.. Right after he prayed he came up to me and said, I´m gettin wet either way, and today is the day of my baptism, Lets GO! So we hopped in the back of the truck and drove out to the Salto Sacoa (an awesome river like 15 minutes down the road).. We got out there absolutely soaked, but it was totally worth it.. Afer Macgyver got dunked he said I´m Pure! Later I decided to give him my CTR ring, luckily it fit perfectly.. It sure wasn´t easy, but it was definitely worth it.. Honestly with all the opposition we faced getting him to his baptism, I think he has a great work to do in the Church.. He´s 19, so he could be leaving on a mission here in a year! And as always, The Lord blesses us greatly for our efforts!

 So this week, i got coconuts from my other Haitian buddy MiguelSon,, he´s super crazy and loves running around screaming in the rain haha! He´s one of the stronger members in the constuction, by the way, i finally brought my camera to the construction (the Haitian village) and got out a couple cool pics, but it´s pretty normal cause

theres always crazy stuff going on in the Construction, it´s awesome there!!
Thats about it for this week, as always love ya guys and hope ya have a great week!

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