Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,
This has been another great week out here in the D.R. and specifically in Gonzalo!
So we ended up doing the service at hermana Jeidy´s house,, Its pretty fun doing these little services,, My companion and I have been hunting for new houses to paint! This week as you can see, i made a natural Tea,, from a bunch of random leafs i found in the backyard, with a sour orange, and chinola.. Turned out pretty decent! I´ve been fightin with a cold lately,, I´m not sure whose winning,, i sure don´t feel good, but its not stopping me from workin still,, i think its a tie haha! The weather has been really interesting lately.. It´s actually been cold! Believe it or not Cold in the DR.. and Its rained every day this week again, and i´ve actually had to use a jacket this week.. Weeird haha, So this week we´ve been having some pretty decent progress here in the Branch, We had our weekly noche de amistad (pictures included of my comp. drinkin some coca cola, and me witht he Branch President Arismendis). And this time 25 people showed up! A lot better than last weeks 15.. We also had a family home evening in the house of Francisca,, where 8 people ended up coming.. We´ve noticed that these little things make a big difference, strengthening the members.. This week we had an attendance of 40 in the Branch,, and after wards we all got together and made plans to head out in the afternoon to visit the members who didn't make it to church this week,, We rallied the troops and headed out,, everyone was super excited to go out too,, in the afternoon i went on splits with the branch president and headed over to the construction where we visited the whole little town! And on our way riding the bikes we found 4 other pairs of members out teaching,, There was even an investigator out there strengthening the less-active members!! I love the faith of the members out here,, its not easy to stay so strong in a tiny branch,, but there is nothing shaking the faith of the strong members of this Branch.. 
So heres one of the many miracles the Lord has blessed us with this week.. So its pretty late and we´d just gotten home a little early,, my companion was hungry so he wanted to go out and buy a tostada,, I didn´t really want to casue i was exhausted, but we decided to go.. In the tostada place a nice lady hooked us up with tostadas and a free piece of pizza,, The lady all of a sudden told us her name is K and she is member of the church.. She told us her story (partially in English) because she used to live in England. Her husband never supported the church and she always had to sneak out when he was asleep if she wanted to go.. So she moved back to the DR and some reason fell away from the church,, She said shes a little bit shameful for falling away and has seen us out walking a lot and always wanted to talk to us, but never got the nerve to.. That same night she had written in her calender of Goals that she was going to talk to the missionaries, but she got too nervous and backed out,, She started crying and said that she couldn't get the courage to come to us so the Lord sent us to her.. She´s been through the temple, has 6 years in the church, and obviously the Lord has something planned for her,, I told her Hermana Kari(cause thats her name) I think there are 3 reasons we met,, 1st to get a tosdada😋, 2nd Because you need the church, and 3rd the church needs you.. When K reactivates I know she´s going to be a great help here in this Branch.. The Lord is preparing something amazing!
Thank you guys for eveyrhting, and have a great week!

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