Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hey guys, so its just gonna be a quick letter this week with some pics,, But this week was a suuuper busy week,, as all ends of the month are! We were running around like crazy taking care of interviews and going to the capital for meetings.. We went to the Temple this week, which was always awesome,, everytime I go its like a spiritual Recharge! it keeps me going! And we were able to see the results of the blessings throughout this week, and we were able to recognize many miracles in our area.. 2 of them were the Baptizm of M and R,, It was great to see them make this huge step in their lifvs this week,, and to say that they´re very prepared for the step their taking!  I had my interview with president this week,, It was awesome, and I kind of realized I´m living in one of the happiest moments of my mission right now! The mission and life is great! I suggest it to anyone!
Love you guys! Happy thanksgiving!

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