Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Today was an awesome week here in the Campo, as always.. I´ve felt especially tired this week, But when we come home exhausted i feel great inside, cause i know the Lord is blessing us for our efforts! And we´ve seen many blessings this week! And one thing I´ve noticed this week is how much the Little things matter to people. Lately we´ve been focusing a lot our consuler duties and strengthening the Branch and Members,, We were riding on our bikes to lunch when all of a sudden we saw a sister from the church, I, hand washing some clothes,, We decided to hop off and help finish off the clothes. She was so happy that she wouldn´t let us go until she got us some fresh fruit from her tree, She got up on her roof with a huge PVC pipe and knocked down a bunch of Manzanas de Oro, for us (not really an easy task cause shes like 70! She was super happy, for something that wasn´t really much, just a Little service, but the Little things matter! Little by Little, service by service, we are trying to revive the Branch. Tomorrow We´re going to paint hermana Jeidi´s house and soon plan on going over to the Construction with some members to paint houses out there! When youre in the service of others youre in the service of God!
  As well, this week, we went to the Caves out here in Gonzalo,, they were pretty cool, and you could definitely tell that we were in the country cause Trash Mountain was not to be found in these caves! As well, remember the horse I took pictures with last week? Well he´s my buddy now, every time I go to the construction he Whinnies at me and I go over to pet him (and yes mom, after wards wash my hands, especially because he´s got some nasty disease) Anyways We named him Mr. Horse. He´s a good guy!
That´s about it for this week everyone, as always thanks for all your support, letters, and love, I hope you have a great week! and GO BEAVER!

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