Tuesday, December 13, 2016

This has been an awesome first week here in Valiente.. I´ve had the chance to meet a lot of new people out here, and got a nice warm welcome.. The Branch has defenitly got that Las Americas feel about it.. The Branch president is an aweomse guy, named Prez. Julio Ogando,, hes super young and super energetic, as you can imagine the youth here in the ward are super strong! The branch feels pretty similar to La Llave to be honest! And as for my area.. Well its like a mixture of captial and campo, its got a bunch of buildings, but it´s all dirt road and trees.. Luckily this house is pretty nice and has got a bunch of fruit trees in the back yard.. I still have a sour orange tree, banana tree, plantain trees, mango tree, avocato tree, and even a coconut tree!! With space to spare,, unfortunatley everythings out of season and theres no fruits growing on the trees, other than a couple of baby bananas and coconuts. But this week i got a tiny mango tree from an investigator and named it snoop dogg.. We´re gonna plant it out back when it gets a little stronger with some better roots!
So something aweosme this week, was that we had the Stake Conference, so once again i got to reunite with a few friends from La Llave,, and got to hear that 2 of my converts from la llave will be recieving the Melchizedek Priesthood! It made me so happy to hear! As well i got to see Presidente De La Cruz, who is now Hermano De la Cruz (because he was released as stake president) everyone in Las Americas was really sad to see him go, but knew the work continues!
So now time for my comp.. His name is Elder Charles and hes from an island named Grenada, and he´s a stud! (hes the one with the super man shirt).. Hes an awesome and super funny guy, we´ve been having a really good time out here.. He´s a beast too,, he knows how to do anything, from cooking, to peeling coconuts with machetes in like 1 minute! Hes like a huge teddy bear! (and strong too i feel like i have a body guard haha).. So youll see in another picture, Me, My Comp, and Hermano Cenot (Who recently moved here from Haiti) He is serving what they call a ¨Mini Mission¨.. Hes still waiting for his year in the church to leave on the mission, but for now hes been serving with us here,, and I actually knew him before he left on the mini mission,,  he is from a ward thats was a neighboring ward to la llave, so i already got to know him, its been awesome living with him! But about wraps it up for this week! I hope you guys are having an aweome week, and enjoying the most wonderful time of the year!
Love Elder Beard

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