Monday, December 5, 2016

Well guys, today is my second time saying goodbye to Gonzalo.. I can´t believe its happening again haha! I´ve been assigned to serve now in... wait i want you guys to guess... think. think.. 
LAS AMERICAS! haha, I´m going back to the Stake, but this time in the other Zone, Las Americas Este,, I have the assignment to be something they call ¨Super Zone Leader¨ Which basically means I´ll be in charge of training a few of the new Zone Leaders,, I´m pretty excited about that,, My companion is Elder Charles, and my area is Valiente A.. Valiente is (from what i hear) the second strongest unity in Las Americas (after La Llave) So I´m pretty pumped to go,, but as well a little bummed to leave,,
 Gonzalo has treated me well,, I´ve met some amazing and very humble people out here that I´ll never forgett.. I´ll defenitly never forget the friends I´ve made out here and the Miracles we´ve seen,, From hanging out with everyone and getting dirty in the Construction, to going on splits with President Arismendis.. AND HOW COULD I FORGET,, Hanging out with Mr. Horse (pictures included).. So this morning I decided we needed to adventure before I left,, So we got on the bikes bright and early and headed out into the Jungle,, We climbed a hill and looked over the little town,, such a cool experience,, you could see everything.. The hills were  way green and misty, there were pigs down in the bottom of the valley floppin around in the mud.. I was about to take a picture, but I thought, the picture just doesnt do it justice, it doesnt show all of the memories, the people, and miracles that happened.. So i decided not to take it (but didnt matter anyways cause i had forgotten my camera 😂)..
Amazing expericnes! I´m gonna miss it here, but I´m so grateful for the time I had..
Well I  hope you all have a great week! Love you guys
Elder Beard

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