Monday, June 5, 2017

Well guys, my time has just about come to an end.. this next week will be my last week in the mission feild and pretty much every day i'll be in the capital taking care of some last stuff.. It's so weird how fast the time has come and gone.. It feels just like yesterday i was stuttering in lessons next to my trainer, and I never thought this moment would come, but it came so fast!

I can truly say I've been grateful for every moment of the mission.. Yes even (and maybe even especially) the hard times. I sure hope you can see the difference when I get back, and if i had to give any advice for those still out or going, it is to enjoy EVERY MOMENT,, cause the day to go home will come,, and in the aspect of life, 2 years is a short time,, Love every moment, work hard, be obedient, and be grateful for every blessing the Lord gives you for doing those things..

How am i feeling right now? It's hard to explain,, but its pretty comparable to the feelings that I had when I left Beaver to come out here.. I'm actually leaving my home again. I feel nervous, but excited.. I'm sad that I'll be leaving so many loved ones and familiar faces behind, but so grateful to see other loved ones and familiar faces.. Its been kind of a bitter sweet week honestly haha, but all in all, I just get this overall gratefull feeling.. I'm glad It's gonna be hard to leave, because it means i'll be leaving behind amazing people and experinces that i never would have met or had if i didn't serve the mission.. I know that the Lord blesses us.. Eternally. For the things that we do here in our full time missionary service.. I'm leaving countless blessings here in the DR, but will be coming back to many more.. I love the mission and I love my people, Here and back home..
I love you guys, thank  you for all the support you've shown me I'll see you in a week or so!
Elder Beard

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